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The Gwydir Press present a limited letterpress edition of A Letter from Wales

This Autumn, The Gwydir Press will print a special letterpress edition of 'A Letter from Wales', a short Gothic tale in which science is challenged by metaphysics.

The edition has been near a year in the making. Each page has been painstakingly set by hand by Ken Burnley, then printed on an old Franklin Cropper platen press.

Peter Welford's extraordinary linocut illustrations enhance the edition, which will be hand-bound in paper wrappers by Judy Corbett.

The edition has been limited to 150 copies.

To order yours, please mail Gwydir Press.

Price: £95.00 (include £7.50 p&p inland UK)

Publication launch: Autumn 2017.

For more information visit The Gwydir Press website.

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